Forget some posh club in NYC! Beyonce celebrated her album release at Dave and Buster's, complete with a cake and cupcakes baked in the shape of her new album! She fraternized with fans and had a good time after her gig at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn on Thursday, De. 19.

Bey truly is the people's Queen.

And because she is so generous with sharing photos of her life, we can pretend, if only for a fleeting second, like we were there as part of Bey's posse.

Bey + a cake? Doubly delicious!

More cake...nom nom nom nom.

Bey has so many reasons to celebrate.

Tickets? What tickets?

Mmm, sweet treats. Bey cupcakes means more nom nom nom.

Bey also planted a smooch on Madonna's daughter Mercy during the concert. No, not Lourdes but the Material Girl's OTHER baby girl! Even Madge acknowledged Bey's supremacy, posting: "Mercy James gets a big fat one from the Queen. B!" That's a big endorsement, from one pop diva to another.