Father’s Day is just a few days away and most families like to treat dad to a good meal to show their appreciation. Some families like to go out to eat versus eating at home as a special treat. Tyler is filled with great restaurants that dad will love, and we picked out a variety of our favorites that dad will love this fathers day. This is such a variety, that surely one of these will fit dads taste.

BJ’s has a variety of any kind of food you could want. From pizza to burgers, pasta to seafood, they have everything. They all kinds of different alcoholic drinks and beers for dad to enjoy too. Don’t forget the infamous Pazookie for desert!

Ricks is definitely a hot spot of downtown Tyler. It’s one of the more high end restaurants, and their food explains why. This is the perfect place for adults to go and live the children behind, or if you don’t have children you can take your own parents to a nice dinner at Ricks

If you want to do something different and take your husband to try a type of food he has never tried before, Wasabi is the place. It’s a typical Asian restaurant but with specialty items and their famous sushi rolls. Some men have never even thought of trying sushi, but if you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary, this is the place.

Fat Catz is your go to place if you’re craving anything with a kick. They have your typical Cajun, Louisiana style food- from Crawfish to Po-boys. Satisfying dads seafood cravings won’t be hard to do with Fat Catz.

Chuy’s is one of the most popular restaurants in town, and there is no doubt as to why. With their family friendly atmosphere, the variety of food on the menu, and the delicious queso and creamy jalepeno dip – this place is perfect for the whole family.

Villa Montez has a menu that is unique compared to any other restaurant in Tyler. Their food is Latin based and offer many things that you may not have tried before. Dad surely won’t have any trouble finding something to satisfy his hungry stomach.

Oliveto is one of the most popular restaurants in town. Their menu consists of your typical Italian dishes, completed with their own creations that put other Italian restaurants to shame. This place is perfect for anyone – families with small children who are celebrating dad, or just a wife treating her husband to lunch.