So you say it's been really hard to find a quality mate, right? Looking for Mr. or Miss right can be a challenge, especially when you are set in a solid routine of your social activities. We hear you and that's why we've compiled our Top Five Best Places To Meet Singles In Tyler and Longview!


No matter what religious denomination you are affiliated with, there are ALWAYS quality singles at church. Some who may have been married before and know exactly what makes the dynamics of marriage work, and of course, what doesn't. Also, many fantastic churches have singles programs that you can attend.

The Park

Sounds corny, but we have so many beautiful parks in Tyler where adults take their kids to play! Are you an animal lover? On any given Saturday in Tyler you can find singles parading their pets in the parks of Tyler.

The Gym

Ah, so you cringe when you see this on our list because you haven't exactly been your fittest- we get it. However, if you are actively looking for a quality single, you can always find them at the gym. Remember, a person who takes care of their outer appearance will probably take care of you! Is that not motivation enough to get a membership? We think so.

The Grocery Store

You laugh at the thought of this one, but trust us, it's extremely viable! Singles cruise the aisles of the supermarket day and night. Most singles will shop at odd hours to avoid major traffic, but some do shop typical business hours. Don't be afraid to make conversation over lettuce in the produce department.


Okay, we know this one can be tricky, but if done correctly, you can have a 100% success rate! Been eying the cutie in another department? Don't be afraid to ask him or her to have coffee with you at Starbucks. Many companies are fine with you dating someone within the company as long as they are not your superior, or work in the same department.. Most employers have specific rules regarding dating in the workplace so read up on those manuals. Most mates who meet at work typically work out in their relationship because of the common bond of the career.

We've broke down the best places  to meet singles in Tyler and Longview -- now take our advice and step out of your comfort zone to find that special someone. Are you in a habit of just going to work and going home right after, then you decrease your chance of success. Get out there and mingle! After all, life is way too short to be alone.