Are you stumped on what to buy all those graduates in your life this year? It may seem like there are a million gift ideas out there, but none are just right for the graduates you know.

Reading the graduates' personalities can really lead you to finding the perfect gift, so try these out if you need some starting points:

1. Cash

You just can't go wrong with cash, for any graduate. For those graduating from high school, they'll need the money when they get to college for their new dorm and such. If the graduates in your life are finishing up their college careers, then the cash will be a big help to get them started out in the working world. Cash is truly perfect graduation gift for anyone.

2. Personalized Gear

East Texas is a huge advocate for monogrammed or personalized anything, and for graduation gifts, it makes the gift seem genuine. Whether it is Jon Hart, Marley Lilly or business materials (briefcases, portfolios, etc.), the graduates in your life will love it. Remember, if you are giving a personalized gift, make sure to have the monogram or spelling correct!

3. School Merchandise

Everyone has pride for their schools, and graduates are no exception. For high school graduates, you could give anything that would remind them of their high school (small memorabilia is probably best) or anything from the college they will be attending (shirts, picture frames or anything from their respective bookstores). College graduates do not always want to give up their school spirit upon graduation, so any of the same gifts would be great for them as well.

4. Anything (and Everything) Else

Graduates are thankful for all of the graduation gifts they receive from friends and family. If none of the aforementioned gifts sound like the perfect gift for the graduates in your life, just try to read their personality as best as possible and give them something that would mean something to them.

With all of that being said, congratulations to all of the graduates in the East Texas area and keep up all the great work!