In a new series of videos, we get a final glimpse at Whitney Houston before her untimely death. Entertainment Tonight paid a visit to Houston when she was filming on the set of ‘Sparkle.’ Houston was vibrant, warm and full of life — just how her fans would want to see her remembered.
In the interview, Houston reveals that the church she sings at in the film has the same name as the church she grew up in and would be laid to rest in later on — the New Hope Baptist Church. Houston even revealed her Christian faith was so strong that she requested that no one curse around her — even in popular music. “I was like, ‘Are they saying what I think they’re saying?’” Houston said, joined by costar Jordin Sparks. “Too much cursing up in here!” She said she behaved that way with daughter Bobbi Kristina as well. “I don’t let my own daughter listen to that.”

Houston’s character in ‘Sparkle’ is described as “rundown,” but Houston didn’t want to be in character for her interview. She changed outfits and made sure she looked like her usual stunning self. Crew on the film and behind-the-scenes also revealed that Houston’s voice was back in full force.

Jordin Sparks sat down with Essence to discuss working with Houston in ‘Sparkle,’ and her reviews of the icon couldn’t be more glowing. “I grew up listening to her music and admiring her and wanting to be like her,” Sparks said. “When you sing something, Whitney is the first voice any female is compared to. It went from her being this untouchable amazing superstar that I could only in my dreams imagine passing in the street to her being part of the film, being my co-worker, and turning into this awesomely mother-daughter relationship.”

Her voice breaking and eyes tearing, Sparks, added, “She was amazing and she was so kind to me. I will never forget that. I got really lucky to see her on something she was so passionate about,” she said about the film. “‘Sparkle’ was her baby … the greatest thing is, every day she walked in to set, and she was so happy. Her face lit up when she came in, when she had to do her part, or there was a scene. She was just so happy to be there.”

“Every day she’d come in and go, ‘How my babies this morning? You guys good? You guys good? God is good.’ Every morning. she was an amazing woman. There was a lot of wisdom she had — you can tell she went through a lot. And she was okay with that. She just … she was amazing.”

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