New reality star and wife to rapper Ice T’s wife, Coco has talked maybe a bit too much! Coco recentlysat down with Perez Hilton and claimed that Nicki Minaj’s butt is fake and Nicki told her that from her own mouth!  I'm not one to gossip, but I'm not quite sure Coco should not be throwing stones in glass houses-if you know what I mean. Word on the streets for years is that her posterior was surgically created as well.

Check out the video from Perez Hilton:

The trend of fake booties has gone viral. I don't think it's going away anytime soon. Do you think Nicki wanted Coco to put her business on blast like that? smh


Coco's booty has been called fake for years.

Although she claims hers is "the real deal".



Before & After Pics Of Nicki

Judge for yourself.