Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with your family all life's blessings but, tt means you have a four day weekend. If you are in the mood to get out of the house then here is our list of bars that will be open on Thanksgiving day.

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Not everyone can get a drumstick at the big dinner, there are only two after all. Here you can fill up on all the little drumsticks you can handle. If you aren't in the mood to go into a food induced coma twice in one day then pull up a chair, watch the Cowboys play and have a cold brew.

    Bob B. Brown, flickr
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    What better way to forget about that long stressful day with the family then shooting some pool. Pawn the kids off on a family member and get the gang together at Clicks. Even if you suck at pool they have enough alcohol on hand to make losing fun.

    pikaland, flickr
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    The SportsZone Bar & Grill

    The SportsZone Bar & Grill is located in historical downtown Tyler. On Thanksgiving they will be having their Happy Hour special, buy 5 pitchers on tap - get the next one free. It's a great place for all the guys to meet up and have some brew, shoot some pool, and enjoy a football game.

    The SportsZone Bar & Grill
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    Half Moon Bar and Grill

    Maybe you aren't doing anything for Thanksgiving. That's okay, some people have family too far away. So instead of just kicking it on the couch, why not go out to the Half Moon Bar and Grill? They will be having a special Thanksgiving menu. Pretty sweet deal when you think about it, no clean up, no annoying relatives. Just good food and a cold brew.

    Half Moon Bar and Grill