As society progresses in style, technology and our overall way of life, so does language. Even though the way we speak hasn't changed too much (as far as grammar) over the years, the words we use have. And this is why Oxford Dictionaries Online chooses its Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year.

And although the "word of the year" goes to "vape," which is a verb meaning to inhale and exhale the vapors from an e-cigarette, there were a number of other terms that were also in the running including the endearing "bae."

According to the site, the definition for the word is "n. used as a term of endearment for one’s romantic partner."

The U.K. site continues to explain it as a "term probably has more currency in the USA than it does in UK, unless you happen to be the parent of teenagers or a teenager yourself. Its origins are in African-American English, and it has proliferated through use on social media and in lyrics in hip-hop and R&B music."

So even though more Brits us "vape" than "bae" in their daily speech, it's always nice to be nominated right?

Find Out Why "Vape" Is Oxford Dictionaries Word of 2014