Those poor girls competing in these televised pageants like Miss America, they are put on the spot to answer questions while millions of people are watching. They must be so nervous. That could be one of the reasons they give such horrible answers during their interviews. 

People try to make fun of these girls. Some people are cruel and say these girls aren't the sharpest crayons in the box.

Whether you believe it to be that they are nervous or they are just a little dim, they have given us some of the funniest and worst answers to pick on. It is mean to make fun of these girl's answers, but they are just so terrible at times.

You all may remember Miss South Carolina's "USA Americans" speech from back in 2007. Here it is again if you don't quite remember it.

Pretty bad, huh? Well, she isn't the only one. Now, Miss Utah's answer is all over the internet. Participating in this year's pageant, Miss Utah gave Miss South Carolina a run for her bad answer money.


I have one question for you guys. Don't worry, you aren't going to be spread across the internet if you give a bad answer.