I must say that I was very surprised to see this duo collaborate again. After all, Toni Braxton has stated that Babyface and L.A. Reed robbed her of royalties to previous projects that she was a part of with them. I guess the two have let bygones be bygones and gotten past their differences, because they have a No. 1 hit on their hands with the first single from their forthcoming album, Love, Marriage & Sex with 'Hurt You.'

This is the duo's first time working together since 1992 when they released the hit "Give You My Heart" from the Boomerang soundtrack. When asked about working with Babyface during an interview with Essence Magazine, Toni said:

“I think because Babyface and I have both gone through divorces, we can relate and we can collaborate together on this topic and make it so others who have gone through this situation can relate."

We also know that the two of you have gone through some drama before, so I hope and pray that this time Toni had a good attorney look over all of the contracts for this deal.

The above clip is Toni and Babyface's performance on Arsenio Hall. I must say, they sound good and look good.