Rapper B.o.B has teamed up with rock band O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) to record the anthemic tune ‘Champions,’ which is the theme song for this summer’s 2012 London Olympic Games. The collaborative track was released on Tuesday (May 8th) as part of Duracell’s “Rely On Cooper to Go For the Gold” initiative.

‘Champions’ is a great motivational song that will inspire you to do the best at whatever you are doing at the moment. The song boasts an empowering chorus as sung by O.A.R. singer Marc Roberge. “There’s no giving up / The hunger inside / One day, we’re all going to make it / We just stand up high / We’re all champions,” he croons.

Meanwhile, B.o.B. comes through with lyrics that are truly inspiring and uplifting, especially on the second verse. “It’s all that I ever known / Is all that I ever see / I came here with nothing but I’ma leave with a legacy / A brand new and better me / Belief is the recipe / There ain’t no second guessing when you’re thinking successfully,” he raps.

It’s great to see the worlds of rap and rock come together and make ‘Champions’ such a powerful statement for athletes competing in this year’s Olympics. Give B.o.B. and O.A.R. a gold medal for this fantastic song. Bravo!

Listen to B.o.B + O.A.R., ‘Champions’