Most of us would consider an encounter with President of the United States, Barack Obama, a daunting and nerve-wracking experience, but not famed rapper B.o.B The 23-year-old hitmaker was recently a guest on 92.3’s The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, and on it he divulged some interesting facts about his casual meet with our nation’s leader.

Telling Rickey Smiley, “He came in and he was like, ‘Nice sneakers man.’” We wonder, placed in a similar situation how would any one of us respond to that? Well, when it happened to B.o.B he stuck with his cool, calm, superstar persona and seemed to treat the situation as if engaging in conversation with a regular Joe. He went on to say, “And I was like, ‘Hey man, nice swag.’”

Talk about casual. There aren’t many people in the country that can pull off a “nice swag” to Mr. President so smoothly. Even others in the entertainment industry would shudder at the attempt!

Oh, how things move forward so quickly for the hip-hop artist. Just a couple of weeks ago B.o.B was in the news for performing on ‘The View.’ Now his audience has shifted upwards, way upwards to the likes of Washington D.C. The rapper’s Obama moment was short but it had the cast of Rickey Smiley’s program howling with laughter and excitement for the young hip-hop star.