Azealia Banks covers the January 2013 issue of ASOS and she goes for the bold in richly textured attire.

Check out the pleated leather skirt, which looks divine on her, as well as that clingy, cobalt, velvet dress. Banks is a street style queen but she doesn't like being referred to as such.

In the accompanying feature, the rapper talks about her music and how she is going out on a limb.

"I'm taking a lot of risks with this record, but music is so personal. I'm nervous, I'm excited, and there's this crazy adrenaline. I'm sleeping in the studio, I have knots in my throat and I'm so anxious, I'm a nervous wreck," she said about her album.

Well, she takes risks with her attire, so we fully expect her to do the same with her tunes.

Banks also believes her foray into fashion and her newly-minted status as a style icon is accidental. "I feel like it's created this thing for me to stand on that I didn't even intend to have as a musician, but when it's time to make your album, you make your album," she said.

Clearly, Banks has her priorities in line.

That comes as a byproduct of being a thinker who gets lost in thought. She also has worked hard enough to create the Banks brand. Cha-ching.

"Sometimes I feel like I float in and out of different personalities," she admits. "As a
kid, I was a big thinker -- I was always daydreaming of being rich. It's kind of weird, I feel like I've willed this life. I feel like I've done enough work and enough music and now Azealia Banks is a name. I'm not just some up-and-coming person. I feel I can do anything right now, with concentration, will and hard work."

She also considers herself fashionable, but not a fashion queen.

Well, the '212' rapper reigns supreme in this amazing, boldly-colored ASOS photos. Art imitates life here.


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