As we all know, Christmas isn't all about what you get, but what you give. It's about being grateful for what we have and being a blessing to others. A new trend in Christmas gifts is to give different experiences, something that you can do together. Not only that, but it's something they will remember forever. These gifts are extremely awesome and unique, and unlike what everyone else is getting for Christmas. Here are some awesome and unique Christmas ideas for East Texas.

Skydiving in East Texas in Gladewater - This is a one of a kind gift that one surely cannot forget. Skydive East Texas is the only place even close to East Texas that offers this kind of experience. This is perfect for the dare devil in your life.

Family Passes to Splash Kingdom in Canton - This is the perfect gift to get a family with children. Instead of doing individual gifts, get one big gift for the family. They'll love going to the water park in the summer without having to spend a bunch of money.

New York Zipline in LaRue - This is a very adventurous gift. Trust me, I've done it. This is great to do on a date or one-on-one gift. Go zip over the beautiful woods of deep East Texas and have a blast while doing it.

Caldwell Zoo Membership in Tyler - Again, this is a great gift to get for a whole family. The zoo is open year round so they can enjoy this gift whenever they please. It's perfect for a family with young children.

Get a Timeshare in Palestine - This would be great to do as a whole family. Whether it be a grandparent to your children and grand kids - or parents to their children. Rent a timeshare for a weekend and enjoy swimming in a pool or lake, fishing, boating, sports, an all inclusive cabin and more.