In the most bizarre case of attempted murder that I've ever seen, two brothers tried to poison and then kill their parents in their Atlanta home.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Christopher and Cameron Ervin, ages 22 and 17, have shockingly admitted to “attempting to set the residence on fire, [attempting to strangle] their parents with a pillow and/or plastic bag, and stabbing the father.”

Zachary and Yvonne Ervin were released from the hospital after being stabbed, beaten, and drugged with Xanax-laced cocktails by the two sons, one of whom admitted to planning the murders since he was 11. Friends and family are shocked.

The boys are cooperating with police, and have already waived a probable cause hearing. They have hinted at a "bad home life" as being a possible motive.

Click on the article to hear the mother's frantic and slurred 911 call. It will give you the shudders.