We've done it so many times now that it's become habit, part of our everyday routine - updating our Facebook page. We share with our close friends (and not so close friends much of the time) with the intimate intricacies of our lives through update statuses.

Not only are we sharing our lives, we're sharing pictures, videos and our opinions and all along the while Facebook is creating a detailed picture of our lives.

Think about this, if I were to pass you while you were shopping in the mall and I were to ask you what your name was, where you lived, when you were born, what school did you go to, how's your relationship going etc., you'd probably keep walking and ignore me or call the cops on me for harassing you, but somehow Facebook has figured out a way for us to give up all of this information and much, much more. Although they've revamped their privacy policies, we're still giving up details about our lives in a very public way and here is a short list of some of the things Facebook knows about you without you even realizing it in some cases.

  • your full name
  • your birthday
  • your religious views
  • movies you like
  • your political affiliation
  • your cell phone number
  • when you got married
  • your high school
  • your longest relationship
  • books you like to read
  • your hometown
  • your college
  • your employer
  • past employers
  • your current location
  • your favorite vacation place
  • when you're on vacation
  • your address
  • your email address
  • who's in your family

This by no means is a complete list of the things that Facebook knows about you through your updates and many likes! Let us know what other things they know about you (or us) by leaving them in the comment section below!