Cuba Gooding Jr. has been filming for an upcoming film called, 'The Bulter' with Oprah Winfrey. However, TMZ is reporting that all wasn't easy in the big easy when Cuba allegedly shoved a female bartender in New Orleans, Louisiana early Tuesday morning.

Multiple reports indicate that witnesses saw the 'Red Tails' actor get physical with the female bartender at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon street in the Big Easy around 2 am.

Apparently, Gooding got extremely upset when party-goers that recognized the actor, began taking pictures of him. Witnesses say Gooding got furious and began shouting expletives. At that point of escalation, the female bartender asked Gooding to leave - then he allegedly pushed her against a wall.

Another worker at the bar called police and when the bartender alerted Gooding that police were coming, he reportedly shoved her again, then left.

Authorities have been given the green light to arrest Gooding on sight.

Update: Gooding's attorney Peter Toumbekis says the actor is "taking necessary actions". The attorney has stated he is in touch with police in this matter.