While Aretha Franklin was too ill to attend goddaughter Whitney Houston‘s funeral, she did perform two moving tributes to the fallen singer at Radio City Music Hall.

“This honors one of the greatest singers that ever stood in front of a microphone,” Franklin said, even her speaking voice musical in its lilt. “I’m speaking of none other than Whitney Elizabeth Houston.” “May you always remember her kindness, her grace, her smile and her dynamic performances,” Franklin said. “She has moved on up just a little bit higher. We don’t wonder where she is. One of the last songs that she sung was ‘Yes, Jesus Loves Me.’ When God for is you, who can be against you? That’s all that really matters.”

“Remembering again a young lady who was kind. She was so gracious and elegant … Remembering Nippy,” Franklin said of her goddaughter. She then launched into Houston’s breakout hit, ‘The Greatest Love Of All.’

Just before breaking into Houston’s signature song, Franklin offered soothing words once more. ”Remember the hits. Forget the misses. I will always look back and remember her singing, ‘I Will Always Love You.’”

Watch Aretha Franklin Perform ‘I Will Always Love You’

Watch Aretha Franklin Perform ‘The Greatest Love Of All’

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