Why can't events like this happen in East Texas?

Texans if you are a fan of the movie Jaws you can watch the classic shark thriller while in the water this summer.

According to Delish, for the fifth year in a row, the Volente Beach Resort and Beachside Billy's on Lake Travis are showing Jaws to viewers who watch while sitting in shark-themed inner tubes in the water.

Ticket prices are going at $55 which includes a Jaws themed inner tube, dinner, and a Jaws pint glass.

The screenings of "Jaws on the Water," which run from June 8th, through August 17th (except July 6th), are described as "the thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience of watching cinema's greatest great whites with your feet dangling dangerously and deliciously in the water."

Yeah sounds daring and exciting, but as for me I’ll take my chances on my couch!

However, if you and your buddies are brave enough and have a extra shot of courage juice I might end up being on the water.