Kanye West has shot up into music legend territory. As a house hold name, we all know a little about him. The news of his relationship with Kim Kardashian and the birth of his daughter were front page news. But, are they all lies? 

Don't get me wrong, I love Kanye West.

I have bought all of his CDs since I saw him do a cameo in a Dilated Peoples video. His lyrics and great beats drew me in and I have stayed a fan. I even stood up for him when everyone had an opinion about his surprise attack against Taylor Swift. Remember that?

Guys, that is what he does. Kanye has built his empire with a cocky attitude. That is what you love about him. Most of his songs are about how he is better than everyone else. This kind of statement isn't new, plenty of other rappers talk excessively about how they are more "fly" than anyone else. So, what is the big deal?

Thinking abut instances like this and others laid a seed in my mind about what could be the truth West.

After thinking about this for a while, I must ask you all a question. Are we sure that Kanye West isn't gay?

I do not mean to speak ill of him. I do not want to make outlandish assumptions that would offend. I am asking because I see something might just not be right.

Why do I think this could be a possibility?

1. Mean Girls Club

The MTV Music Video Awards we just spoke about feels a little like a scene from Mean Girls. Can you remember that movie?

Kanye West getting up in front of a crowd to embarrass Taylor Swift seems like a move from a protective best friend and a move from the popular girl's bully handbook. I could see the movie remade with Kanye playing Regina, Beyonce as the sweet and innocent Cady just caught up in the chaos, and Taylor Swift playing Janice the poor girl misunderstood and rejected.

This may be a far stretch, but here are a few more points to fight my argument.

2. Cyber Bullying

Following the mean streak Kanye West can have, we come to the recent feud between he and Jimmy Kimmel. Don't know what I am talking about? Watch this and get caught up.

Doesn't this remind you of something? Maybe reminiscent of a certain age group?

High school girls.

Yes, high school girls are the only people on the planet that run this rampant with insults and quick tempers on Twitter. The entire cyber bullying movement that has come about has been lost on Mr. West.

What else do high school girls love? Trendy fashion.

3. Trendy Clothes

Kanye West has worn some crazy things in these years of his fame. When I was first introduced to him, he wore nothing but a pink polo. These days, the sky is the limit on what he will wear.

I mean, what is this?

NBC, Getty Images

From "his" leather jockey pants to those sunglasses that looked like they came from the set of Star Trek, West has been very experimental with his clothes. Not to the extent of Lady Gaga, but pretty trendy.

He is also a big frequenter of runway fashion shows. He spends more time than most men sitting in those coveted Paris Fashion Week seats.


If there is a trend he can't make into a good guy's fashion, he will put it on his lady.

4. Dressing Kim

It has been widely spoken that Kim Kardashian's style has improved since her involvement with Kanye West. He makes mention of this in his interview with Kim's mother Kris Jenner.

It is almost like their outfits are the guy and girl versions of one look. Check out some perfect examples of this right here. 

But, the outfit isn't complete with out something on your feet.

 5. Shoe obsession

Kanye West LOVES shoes. All day long he dreams about shoes.

Look at these guys. You can't say a man isn't shoe obsessed, when he wears these.

Marc Piasecki, Getty Images

Well, these are the things I have been thinking about. I may be completely wrong. I mean, he is dating Kim and has a baby and talks about women and everything else every other man does. But just for a few minutes, wasn't it kind of funny to think about?