According to new reports, Porsha Stewart and estranged husband, Kordell Stewart just may be working things out in their failing marriage. The news comes only days after Porsha's attorney expressed how she is seeking alimony, and exclusive use of their Atlanta home.

According to reports, Porsha and Kordell may be working things out, and seeking to take steps to put their marriage back on track. However, no true confirmation of this report ha been confirmed. All of this comes only days after Kordell filed for divorce from Porsha in a Georgia court.

Both parties has issues that need better addressing, and according to Porsha's attorney, Mrs. Stewart changed a lot of who she was after marrying Kordell.

Porsha's attorney also expressed that Porsha initially wanted to file for divorce, but held off because Kordell assured her that they could work on their relationship and marriage. The two have been in marriage counseling, and seemed to be working things out until Porsha was completely caught off guard by Kordell's divorce filings.

Porsha's attorney also claims that her marriage to Kordell set her back financially because Porsha had to sell her businesses that she's owned since age 26, and quit her job to help raise Kordell's son by another woman.

We wish them them best and hope they work things out.


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