It seems out of this world to think that Tyler, Texas would have a problem anything like that of human trafficking happening on its streets. But, today will have proved that this is a problem that needs to be solved and how many people in our community are working towards a solution.

When told about human trafficking, one does not tend to think about places like East Texas. We have seen it on TV and in movies in foreign countries and larger cities than our own Tyler. It is scary to think that this is not something written in a script but plaguing our city.

Today, September 18, on the square in downtown Tyler there was an anti-human trafficking rally. This event gathered numbers of Smith county community members that are collectively working towards an end to this horrible activity.

The rally focused on informing the public about what exactly human trafficking is and what is happening right in our neighborhood. Our very own sheriff, Sheriff Larry Smith, had an idea of human trafficking, but did not realize what was happening right here in East Texas.

He told KLTV news that he had seen situations similar to this when working in Bangkok, Thialand, but he did not for see human trafficking to be here. Sheriff Smith continued by saying, "We're just now finding out that it has been going on for a long time. I believe it is growing because of the, I'll just go ahead and say it, the open borders we have."

Sheriff Smith and other members of our great police department are taking a large part in this effort to put human trafficking, especially in our area, to a complete stop. The police gathered today with the Liberty Task Force, For the Silent, and Refuge of Light organizations to aid in this end of these terrible crime.

Major Barbara Bass, a local survivor, Justice Sam Griffith, and Sheriff Smith all spoke showing the intensity of human trafficking. Though their speeches are over and done, this should not be the end of the fight against these crimes.

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