The posthumous, unreleased Tupac Shakur gems continue to hit the Internet. The latest one comes courtesy of Angie Martinez. The Hot 97 radio personality will discuss a previously unreleased interview with the lauded rapper today (Feb. 13) at some point during her 3PM radio show, which is live on Ustream.

Martinez sat down with MTV News staple Sway Calloway to share the story behind her first big interview with 'Pac. She flew out to the West Coast to interview Shakur during the famed East Coast vs. West Coast war and what she got was an intense conversation. So intense that she couldn't air the entire interview on the radio. "I was literally afraid that someone would die," Martinez says. "I thought that I would be making a bad situation worse."

The interview was at least two hours long, but Martinez only aired about 5-10 minutes of it. She saw Shakur at the MTV Video Music Awards the day after she aired it and had to address why she cut out a majority of their talk.

"I said, 'I'm really sorry I couldn't air the whole thing. I just personally couldn't sleep at night if I did that," Martinez reveals. Shakur was cool about it and said he understood.

The unreleased interviews will be the first of her Throwback Thursday series, which will focus on her classic interviews. The interviews will be on her new site, The Angie Review.

Listen to a Snippet of Angie Martinez's 1995 Interview with Tupac Shakur