The season may be fall, but come mid-week next week, it'll be more like winter thanks to a massive storm in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. This will definitely be unseasonal weather and its coming to East Texas thanks to Super Typhoon Nuri (currently the largest storm on the planet). This storm is going to ride over western Alaska and then push dense cold polar air down through the plains states and eastern Texas straight on through to the Gulf of Mexico.

East Texas will begin to feel the affects of this storm Tuesday afternoon, according to KLTV 7 Meteorologist Cedric Haynes. Once the arctic front passes through the area our temperatures will struggle to make it to the upper 40's and are actually expected to hang in the upper 30's to low 40's Wednesday through Saturday. We could see overnight lows in the 20's during this time.

If you've got some extra time this weekend, you might want to go ahead and prepare your plants for this cold invasion and wrap up some pipes and be prepared and not be caught off guard.

We'll keep you updated along with the entire StormTracker 7 Weather team at KLTV 7.