On 'American Idol,' the top nine contestants had to perform some of the Beatles most iconic songs yet ironically, a majority of them never heard the songs they were performing prior to this week.

Overall, this episode was entertaining from start to finish. Each singer brought his or her A-game. When Kree Harrison stepped onstage to perform ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ to the end when Janelle Arthur sang ‘I Will,’ it was memorable.

Burnell Taylor was one of the singers who didn’t know his song before this week; he performed ‘Let It Be’ and was capable of making the song his own. Nicki Minaj pointed this out. “You didn’t even sing the song, you caressed it,” the rapper stated.

Angie Miller performed 'Yesterday' and wowed the crowd and judges with her outstanding vocals.

With all high points, there is always a little drama added in the mix. Lazaro Arbos was brought to tears after getting mostly negative critiques of his rendition of ‘In My Life.’ Randy Jackson declared it as “one of the worst performances ever,” while Nicki was wondering where confident Lazaro went.

That wasn’t all. Just before the last performance during Devin Velez’s critiques, Nicki randomly gave a shout out to the background vocalists and pianist. Ryan then asks Mariah Carey if she’d like to give a shout out to anyone. This is where Mariah subtly shades Nicki by saying, “Honestly, I was focusing on Devin, but I’ll shout out to all my lambs. I have not spoken about them the entire time.” This was aimed at Nicki since she constantly brings up her Barbz at the most awkward times during her critique sessions.

Overall, the show focused on the singers really trying to make a Beatles song their own and many of them were able to do just that.

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