Last night's episode was the first major elimination to help us get closer to finding out who will become the next ‘American Idol.’ Taking a little idea from it’s rival singing competition  'The X Factor,' the show gave each contestant a placement from first to 10th place. The first to be named was Candice Glover and joining her in the top three were Kree Harrison, (who received a key to the city from her hometown Winfield, Texas) and Angie Miller.

Together, the three as a group performed the song ‘Shine Your Way’ to help promote the Crood and the harmonies were on point!

Two former contestants also came back to perform: Charlie Askew and Aubrey Cleland. The showed face for a sing-off, which would determine their spot as a member of the ‘American Idol Tour.’ Charlie did an original tune, ‘Sky Blue Diamond, ’ which was pitchy throughout the entire song. Aubrey had a sweet moment while performing Irene Cara’s ‘Out Here on My Own.’ We have to wait until next episode to see who will make it on the tour.

Major performances from New Jersey’s own Bon Jovi and former 'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillip were showcased before revealing the rest of the results.

Those in the safe zone were announced from fourth to last place rankings. Fourth place was Lazaro Arbos, fifth place was Amber Holcomb, sixth place was Janelle Arthur, seventh place was Burnell Taylor, eighth place was Paul Jolley and the bottom two were Devin Velez and Curtis Finch, Jr.

Nicki Minaj threatened to leave the show if Curtis was eliminated, even though she wasn’t present for his performance last night.

Devon stayed, and unfortunately, Curtis was eliminated. Nicki wasn’t a woman of her words, at least by contract. She did stand up and walked a few steps away from the judges' panel but came back for Curtis’ performance.

Mariah Carey was emotional after Curtis’ name was revealed and mentioned the two had a “connection,” though the judges didn’t agree on the idea of keeping Curtis for another round.

As his last performance, Curtis performed R. Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly.'

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