American Idol Season 12 winner Candice Glover has an album that charted at No. 4 on iTunes, but the album does not exist yet! OMG.

Candice has worked so hard on this project that was supposed to drop in July to piggy back the American Idol Live summer tour. When that did not happen, an October date was set, but it is now November still no album.

Long story short, the album will drop in Feb. 2014. The good news for everyone in East Texas is I have her first single, which can be heard in rotation now and it is included on the Hot 107.3 Jamz Top 20 Countdown.

Back in October, iTunes downloaded the album to fans that had pre-ordered the album. Unfortunately, most of what was downloaded was empty files. The only track that fans were able to get was a song title "I Am Beautiful." 

Currently, we are playing "Cried" which is the first single from the album Music Speaks.