Amel Larrieux is gearing up to release her new album, 'Ice Cream Everyday.' The R&B songbird just released the tracklist for the LP, which is her first in over six years.

Her latest single, 'Afraid,' co-produced by her husband, Laru Larrieux, is a soulful summer ballad in the tradition of her previous tunes 'For Real' and 'All I Got.'

The album itself boasts 16 tracks and no features. No features?! This could be a first in the R&B game. But if you know Larrieux's pedigree, she doesn't need anyone on her songs -- her vocal prowess is powerful enough.

In an interview with, the former Groove Theory artist says the title of the album is not about her love for ice cream but a metaphoric meaning to life.

"The title grew out of a conversation Laru and I were having, and it actually is much more metaphoric and totally apropos," she explained. "This was four years ago, I was having a day, and I was like, “Ugh, I just wish I could eat ice cream everyday!”  And he was like, 'That’s the title of the album!'"

"But in the interim, I found out I was completely lactose-intolerant and I actually couldn’t eat ice cream everyday," she continued. "So I have to replace it with something else, and what is that thing I’m gonna find? The way the album reflects how I explained the title is very authentic. If you look at 'Ice Cream Everyday' literally, you won’t necessarily get it. But if you look at it metaphorically, I think you’ll hear it because the songs have this range.  I’m definitely referencing spiritual things, metaphysical things, and things people might consider Buddhist or Yogic philosophies. But it’s in a totally accessible and human questioning way."

Amel Larrieux's fifth solo album, 'Ice Cream Everyday,' is due in stores Aug. 27.

Amel Larrieux's 'Ice Cream Everyday' Tracklist:

1. 'Afraid'
2. 'I Do Take'
3. 'You Don't See Me'
4. 'A Million Sapphires'
5. 'Ut the Shhh'
6. 'Berries and Cream'
7. 'Danger'
8. 'Moment to Reflect'
9. 'Have You'
10. 'Orange Glow'
11. 'See Where You Are'
12. 'Don't Let Me Down'
13. 'Trapped Being Human'
14. 'I Do Take 2'
15. Soon
16. Danger 2

Listen to Amel Larrieux's 'Afraid'