If you're a pet owner like me, you might let your imagination get the best of you, worrying about what all the unmentionables that could possibly get your pets if you let them loose outside. I mentioned to my spouse once that I worried an alligator might eat our schnauzers, and I was laughed at heartily. I supposed it was ridiculous because we lived in Austin at the time in the middle of concrete and pavement and it wasn't the least be swampy. But today I learn, it can happen in Texas.

Two pets were snared by an alligator over in Bowie County this month, an alligator that had made a home for himself in a backyard pond. Bowie County is in northeast Texas on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Those dang ponds ... if it's not mosquitos to worry about, it's alligators. We really do have a lot of outdoor stress in Texas these days. Did they catch the gator?

An East Texas Wildlife biologist had been trying to catch this alligator for about two weeks, and he was finally able to wrestle it in Sunday night. It weighed 700 pounds!

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Hopefully this gator was all by himself and doesn't have a pet-eating family that is still lurking in ponds. And if the gators are still out there, do they like mosquitos?