Alicia Keys is coming up on the release of 'Girl on Fire' -- it’s out Nov. 27 -- and another track has landed online in the form of 'Fire We Make. It's a sultry, buttah smooth R&B duet with Maxwell. These two certainly ignite with vocal chemistry in this soft, sexy and extra romantic song.

Keys delivers her lyrics in an alternately deep and sex kitten voice, while Maxwell's higher pitched falsetto is the perfect compliment to her range. It'll make you feel like a voyeur who has stumbled onto a couple in their most private moments.

Grab a bearskin rug and some champagne and strawberries and light a fire in the fireplace, because this song is as combustible as it gets. It's certainly made for couples that are getting ready to slip between the sheets. It also has a bit of a classic, '70s R&B energy. It's a slow oozing energy, but it's an energy nonetheless.

Is it us or do you feel the mercury rising? You might need a cold shower after this jam. It's certainly a song that you want on the iPod when you're wooing the lady in your life.

Listen to Alicia Keys, 'Fire We Make' Feat. Maxwell