Before P.M. Dawn was known as the group that literally got tossed off the stage, they were the forefathers of softcore, Drake-style rap. One of their biggest hits is the dramatically titled 'I'd Die Without You,' which was on the popular 'Boomerang' soundtrack and also peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Alicia Keys is now giving her take on the classic tune.

Keys recorded 'I'd Die Without You' in 1997, years before she blew up on a mainstream level. The singer released the cover from the vault and posted it on her website, AK Vault.

This version, 'Die Without You,' does away with the airy mood of the original and builds around Keys' vocals and piano work, which are strong enough on their own as usual.

The AK Vault is Alicia Keys's new site, which features more of her unreleased material, live performances and other goodies. "One of my favorite songs ever! Had to do My version! Shout out to PM dawn!" Keys wrote in a post with the song.

If only KRS-One felt the same way.

Listen to Alicia Keys' 'Die Without You'