No matter how you look at it, digital file sharing has changed the way we listen to music. When a record transforms into a stream of ones and zeroes, it can be blasted across the globe in the blink of an eye, but something special is lost in translation.

Swedish rapper Adam Tensta is bringing a little old-school style back to file sharing with his new song, “Pass It On.” Only one “copy” of it exists, and only one person can listen to it at a time. You get it through a special Facebook app here. When you sign up, you’re put on a waiting list. The person at the top of the list listens to the song once, then the app passes it to the next person. When it’s your turn, you get an email that gives you one hour to listen, and then it passes to the next person.

The stunt mimics how music sharing was back in the day, when you’d buy a hot ‘cassingle’ and it’d make the rounds among all your friends, but this time it’s all over the world. Unlike the past, now you can actually track where and how many times the song has been played – just click “track this song” at the bottom of the app.

Even better, the track’s actually damn good – Swedish rap doesn’t sound promising, but Tensta has skills. Whether you think this idea is genius or idiotic, “Pass It On” is worth waiting for.

While you wait, check out his video for “Scared of the Dark”…

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