This Christmas will not be a white Christmas for East Texans. Some people may be sad for this. With all that comes with snow, this might be a blessing. Watch these hilarious videos to feel a little better about our 60 degree Christmas. 

Sure, the dream Christmas eve with snow outside and the fire place crackling sounds nice. When you have to get up early the next morning to shovel it all off the roof, you may not love the white Christmas as much anymore. Here is an example of why snow can be more of an annoyance than magic.

Driving around East Texas is tough enough when the weather is perfect. Imagine driving around the Tyler and Longview area with snow and ice on the roads. Sounds like a nightmare to me. Here is another video to persuade you that a mild winter could be a bit nicer than dealing with snow.

I wish you all the merriest of dry East Texas Christmases!