A plumbing company in Texas City is facing in very interesting situation with a work truck they traded in at a Houston dealership. That truck, which still has the name of the company along with the phone number on it is being used by Islamic militants in Syria.

An Islamic militant Twitter page shows the picture of the truck, complete with logo and phone number, that's been transformed into an anti-aircraft firing weapon and is being used in the front lines of their war.

The owner of the company, based in Texas City, says he traded in the vehicle at a Houston dealership and he and his company have no ties to terrorism or in no way supports it. When the AutoNation dealership was contacted about this truck, they say that particular vehicle went straight to auction and had probably traded hands many times before ending up in Syria.

The owner of the plumbing company says he doesn't want any problems and that some of his office workers are pretty scared because of some of the calls they've received. They've received so many hate calls that they've had to remove the batteries from their phones so they'd stop ringing. He also says he's learned a valuable lesson here too, the next time he trades in on vehicles, he'll make sure his company logo and phone number are removed before surrendering them.