If you're seeing crickets inside your house and in corners of hallways and bathrooms at the office, well ... it's that time of year. How long will it last?

East Texas dealt with baby crickets earlier this summer, but the ones that are now taking over cement stairwells and basements are adults that have flown in from other places.

August and September are prime months for crickets to swarm, eat plant material, and make a lot of noise it seems, and the males are the loudest (kinda like humans, especially when football games are on).

CNN ran a story about the ways crickets have taken over several places in Central Texas, including shopping centers and stadiums around Austin. Some say they'll come in through light fixtures or squeeze in under front doors and seams in garage doors.

That's when they meet the underside of a big Texas-sized boot and it's lights out, at least for a couple of them in the swarm of 15,000.

Here's the good news. While crickets may be noisy and a little unpredictable with their jumps (are they going right or left?!), they also help to break down plants and renew the soil, and they're a food source for other hungry animals.

Crickets only live about three months, too, so that one lone cricket in the house that chirps all night long and you can't seem to locate will be outta here by Christmas.