A Houston teen’s random act of kindness is gaining worldwide attention as a picture of him shading a woman from the sun with an umbrella has circulated on social media.

ABC 13 reports, Louis Jordan was having a regular day picking up his mother downtown Houston from work when he noticed a woman in a wheelchair sitting in the heat.  While he waited for his mom he had an umbrella in the car so he took it over and held it over the woman to block the sun.

During the wait Louis got to know the woman whose name is Michelle and they became instant friends.  He found out she’s in a book club, and likes pork chops (Who doesn’t), and can deliver a good joke.  The wait ended up being an hour and 45 minutes of pure genuine friendship.

When Louis’s mom Bernette arrived, she was so touched by her son’s actions that she took a photo and shared it on social media which has now gone viral.

I am one proud mama!

Also, what makes Louis extra special is that he rescued his own grandmother who was trapped during Hurricane Harvey.

It's stories like this that make me feel good about humanity.

Kudos to Bernette for being a great mom and major props to Louis for being a great kid.