Happy Mother’s Day to all moms of East Texas!  I know many of you will be bombarded with love and affection on this special day from your loved ones and you should.  However, I would like to talk about my mother Lynette a.k.a. “Mama Knight”.

I have so much love and admiration for my mother because she is one of the strongest women I know.  She was always a voice of reason, comfort, and discipline when I was not on my best behavior.

In grade school when I would participate in assemblies and speaking engagements she would always be in the audience and when I was done she would smile and applaud knowing she approved.

I’ll never forget when I told her I was going to be a parent at 19.  Even in her disappointment she was very supportive, nurturing and together with the guidance of my grandparents I was able to raise my 2 sons with the same care as she gave me.

I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my mother.  She is my best friend and my go to person whenever I’m troubled and to be quite honest it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention my Grandmother Mary, Godmother Fabian and my Spiritual Mother Pam.

I am truly blessed to have 4 phenomenal women who have made such a positive impact in my life and for that I’m truly grateful.

So, to all the moms from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Mother’s Day