It’s the week before Thanksgiving and a lot of folks I know are going through their Christmas movie stash.

Maybe it’s the colder weather or just making sure you put that DVD in the right case last Christmas to make sure it’s an easy find this year.

Whatever the reason, it’s the beginning of the season and we would like to find out what your favorite Christmas movie is.

'A Christmas Story' tops the list at our house.

Did you know the movie was filmed in Cleveland, Ohio at a house that sold on eBay for $150,000? Today the house is open to the public with tours starting at $7.50.

How about that Leg Lamp? Replicas are sold at retailers worldwide. Have it delivered to your house, gather the family, get your surprise look on, and place it in your living room window for your neighbors to gawk at.

One other interesting fact about A Christmas Story is the ‘Red Ryder BB Gun’.

The first Red Ryder BB Gun was manufactured in 1938, and yes, you can still have your very own today for under $50.00, but remember, "You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid," so be careful out there.