In Ohio, reports say that an eight year old boy was taken from his mother because he was deemed severely obese. The boy weighed in at an astonishing 200 lbs! This particular case has sparked debate on whether or not a child that is severely obese should be taken from their parents custody. The child was placed in foster care back in October after the counties caseworkers alleged that the boy's mother was not doing anything to control his weight. The decision was in fact approved by a judge to remove the boy.

According to growth charts, the average weight of a boy that age should only be around 60 lbs. Experts on both sides of the obesity epidemic say that there are multiple solutions to the problem and that the parents are not necessarily to blame.

The debate continues with many question  - Are the parents to blame? How can we educate parents to raise their to develop healthy eating habits when they may not know how to eat healthy themselves? Are some children prone to being naturally obese? Should children that are severely obese be taken away from the only parents that they've known for their weight? Is child obesity a form of child abuse, or parental neglect?

Weigh in -- no pun intended. What do you think about this issue?

This case is gaining popularity in other states, and could become law.