It’s summertime and it’s already July. It's the time you think you have scratched everything off your list of things to do before summer ends, but August is next month and you feel that you’re running out of time. No worries! There’s still ample enough time to enjoy some fun in the sun and relax before summer is over!

Be sure and make time to do these things before summer is over.

1. Be daring and bold! Try a new hairstyle, try a new nail polish, update your wardrobe or (for men) take time out of your work schedule and have a boy’s night to watch the game or go and shoot pool.

2. Try out a new read! Go to your local bookstore and pick up a good book to sit, enjoy and to have “me” time with.

3. Treat yourself! Summer should NEVER be all about work with no play! Indulge in your favorite ice cream to beat the heat, go to the beach and relax by the water or enjoy a day at the spa or the nail shop.

4. Don’t forget the word S-L-E-E-P! Sleep is something that we need to function properly each day. There’s nothing like getting enough sleep and waking up the next day feeling rejuvenated and happy. Always try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

5. Keep your body in shape! Come up with a fun workout that works for you. Take a yoga class, go on a daily jog in your neighborhood park, or even attend a hip hop class. If you don’t like working out alone, invite your friends to do it with you to make it two times the fun!

6. Enjoy summer love! Summer only comes once a year and it’s the perfect time to meet new people.  Try dating and suggesting going to places that you’ve never been before. Even if you are married, take time out for you and your spouse to enjoy relaxing, quality, but FUN time together. Going out salsa dancing  or to any upbeat dancing class is a romantic way to bond but to also kick summer off right with your partner.

7. Plan a getaway! A vacation no matter how big or small is a definite MUST for summer. I hear about people who work all summer or who are attending summer school and get so worn out that when they are done at the end of the day, they are too tired to do anything. Once you get the free time, plan a road trip with a group of friends for a weekend. Road trips are not as expensive as a plane ticket somewhere and they can often times, be a lot more fun! A summer with out a vacation is the perfect way to kill a summer.

8. Have fun! Whatever you decide to do for summer, make sure that you are having fun while doing it! Be spontaneous and open your mind to brand new things to add some excitement to your summer!