The daydreaming, the what-ifs, the planning of your intricate shopping extravaganza, they all came to an end late last night for most of us. The $564 million Powerball prize has been claimed. And not by one person, but by three! Now I don't know about you, but if I had to split that prize with two other people, I just don't know how I could live on such a small sum of cash (still estimated at about $188 million).

The winning tickets were sold in North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Texas. No word on who the winners are just yet. I am sure they are busy calling their financial planners this morning, or the cruise line to book their around-the-world vacation!

One thing is for sure for the rest of us, it is back to the regular work day. All those lists of things you would buy will have to be put into a drawer, and the speech you so eloquently crafted to tell your boss that you would no longer be working for them will have to be tabled until another day!