50 Cent is steadily expanding his growing business empire. The rapper and entrepreneur is linking his SMS Audio with NASCAR.

The partnership involves backing driver Brandon Davis with Fif's SMS Audio brand. "I'm an entrepreneur, 50's an entrepreneur. That piece is it, is the synergy that pulled it all together," said Davis, the owner of Swan Racing. "You have two entrepreneur-minded people coming together."

The driver praised the rapper's love of cars too. "He's a car guy. He's into cars, into muscle cars, into fast cars, high-end cars, exotic cars. And one thing I've learned with people in different areas is, once they experience a race, if they're already into cars and speed, you go to a NASCAR race and you're hooked. I'm sure that had something to do with it."

As part of the deal, 50 Cent will make appearances at races throughout the NASCAR season. In a statement, he called the pairing "the perfect match" for SMS Audio.