50 Cent isn't afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to his hip-hop peers. During a game of 'Plead the Fifth' with Andy Cohen on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live,' the mogul was asked who he thinks is the most overrated hip-hop star of all time. The outspoken rapper's response? None other than Jay Z.

"Overrated?" 50 said. "Jay Z. He would say he's overrated. 'Rather be overrated than underpaid.'"

The cheeky interview also had 50 openly talking about whether he's hooked up with Kim Kardashian or not. "I never... Nah," he explained. The MC denied dating the reality starlet but did admit to sharing a moment with her. "I just took pictures. We took pictures with each other in Australia at the MTV Awards. I posted the picture on the social network and people say all kinds of [things]."

As for his relationship with Kim's better half Kanye? 50 Cent said, "Cool."

He also admitted what it was like to be yelled at in the face by Beyonce, who allegedly confronted him at a New Year's Eve event in Las Vegas in 2011. Take a look at his answers above.