A 5 year old Texas girl's bad day with a goose has gone viral.

It all happened Sunday, when 5 year old Summer, her teenage sister Stevie, and their older siblings went to investigate a nest of baby geese in their neighborhood.  Everything was going just fine as the kids admired the birds.

That is, until Mama Goose took notice of the intruders.

While the big kids scattered fast, Summer's little legs left her slow to retreat.  Mother Goose caught her, bonking her on the head and knocking her to the ground before returning to her nest to check on the babies.

A neighbor captured a photo of the protective bird shooing little Summer away from her offspring and, as older sisters will often do, Stevie couldn't contain her hilarity.

She shared the pic via Twitter and suddenly, Summer became a meme.

Thankfully, a good-natured one.  Summer has become the epitome of a "bad hair day", for example.

It's important to note that Summer wasn't hurt in the goose attack and she's enjoying the attention and support from the internet.

“She’s good now, probably won’t go near birds for a long time, but she’s good,” Stevie told Buzzfeed. “She thinks her post going [viral] on the internet is funny, and that’s the only thing she’s talked about today.”