So you don't have a ton of money to visit Saint Tropez for the Summer or the Fall.... or ever! We feel you! You can still have a great break and enjoy time off in your hometown, easily! Staying in your local city without spending a ton of cash is called a "staycation", and it can sometimes be even more relaxing than shelling out thousands of dollars.

Save money and stop stressing over travel itineraries, and hectic lists to pack - only  to visit somewhere that you may not even enjoy. Check out our top 5 tips to enjoying a wonderful staycation with the kids!

Book A fabulous local hotel or Bed & Breakfast

  • Fabulous, yes. Pricey, no! Fabulous doesn't necessarily mean pricey. Be sure to check rates on holiday weekends before booking. Make sure the place you crash is kid-friendly. Also, make sure there isn't a major event going on in your city during your staycation time, because hotels and B&B's tend to jack up rates when big events are happening.

Pack light

  • Only pack the essentials. Leave the extra at home. Remember, it's not necessary to pack as if you are visiting south of France. Realistically, you are only minutes away from home! The kids will understand.

Don't travel any further than 30 miles

  • It's a "staycation". Don't exceed 30 miles, or you may spend more than you anticipated. Gas adds up pretty quickly these days. Try not to plan activities that are too far away from your hotel either. Stay close, save money! Pizza places, water parks, or even the zoo are great places to take the kids!

Enjoy every amenity

  • At your hotel, soak up sun at the pool, snuggle with your sweetie in the jacuzzi, enjoy the complimentary food/refreshments. If there is a gym, use it! Go have dinner in the hotel restaurant. Get a massage or a pedicure. Sit in the lobby in the morning and watch the news. Relax.

Make plans to enjoy yourself

  • If you like to fish, do it! If you just want to see a few movies that you haven't seen yet, rent them! Go enjoy some live music at a local venue. There is lots to do in your are - all you have to do is look for it. If at all possible, get a double room with an adjourning door. If your kids are old enough, let them have their own room!

Above all, relax! Pretend you are far away and enjoy a light, stress-free staycation. Begin making plans for your next one! If you are strapped financially, make plans to try to staycation every 6 moths or so! Enjoy the fact that you don't have to spend loads of money on souvenirs. Kids just appreciate your effort!

It is possible to have a good time without spending a fortune! Remember: You don't have to stay at a hotel for a staycation. Many families enjoy the time off, spending time together right in their own home! Back yard camping, anyone?

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