Not too long ago I was talking about the most missed Tyler area restaurants and now there are some Longview restaurants that are missed too!

It's one thing we have in common as a people, eating!  We all have favorite places to go and one of my favorite places to eat when in Longview is the Butcher Shop!  I really like that place, but not spending much time in Longview, I asked our longtime Longview sales staff for a little assistance on creating this list!  They've been around Longview a lot longer than I have and I have actually eaten at a couple of these locations that are no longer around!

Here are the five restaurants they missed the most (in no particular order):

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Formerly on Ruthlynn and Judson Road.
This Italian style family restaurant served Longview for more than a decade.

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Johnny Cace's Seafood & Steakhouse

Formerly on E. Marshall Ave.
Locally owned and operated, this Longview restaurant served residents for more than 60 years and was a must dine destination when visiting the city.  They have since reopened on a smaller scale on High Street under the name Cace's Kitchen.

Mandee Montana

McCann St. Grill

Formerly on McCann across from the old K-Mart.
A once popular watering hole for Longview dating back to 1973 closed in 2012.  This joint survived quite a few fads and even a fire, but it was the economy that was ultimately responsible for its closing.


Pizza Inn

Formerly on McCann (down the street from McCann St. Grill).
Pizza Inn pizza is missed - that's all we can say about it!  Since closing this location, it's looked the same for years, much like an old school KFC that's closed down!  This location was the prior home to Little Mexico and is now a Japanese grill restaurant.

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Ryan's Steakhouse

Formerly on Loop 281 and Ariline Dr.
Ryan's ruled the buffet scene in Longview, you could go there anytime for breakfast, lunch or dinner and have some great food buffet style.

Now I'm sure there are quite a few other of your Longview favorites that have been left off of this list and that's where I need your help!  Let me know your favorite Longview restaurant that you miss the most by letting me know in the comment section below.