][No Ambition][, Flickr[/caption]There are some crazy laws on the books. Did you know that in Texas it is illegal to spit on the sidewalk? I bet you didn't. You maybe have done it, and I bet you won't believe in some of these other crazy laws that are still standing. 

1. Legal Age to Play Pinball

In Nashville, you must be the ripe old age of 18 to be allowed to play pinball. I guess it has something to do with height? Maybe the images on the pinball game? Who knows? All that can be true is that this is one crazy and confusing law that is still on the books.

2. Doggie Diapers

In Temperance, Mississippi, you must put a diaper on your dog before you are allowed to walk it down the street. Now, this one I can almost understand. Who knows, maybe the people of Temperance were really lazy about picking up after their pups so the local government tried to put a stop to it. Do you think if you walk down their streets they will be lined with diapered dogs?

3. No Sharing

It is illegal to take even the smallest of bites of someone else's hamburger in Oklahoma. Yup, I guess out neighbors are against sharing their burger and fries. Makes you think, what if this was a law put in place by someone that absolutely hated sharing their cheeseburger? I know a couple of people who will be interesting in moving to Oklahoma after hearing about this crazy law.

4. Bouncing Pickles

It is not considered a pickle in the state of Connecticut if it does not bounce. Imagine how many fake pickles were wasted because they couldn't jump? Also, does this mean that everyone in Connecticut eat their pickles with a side of floor dirt? Maybe not. Maybe after this crazy law was put in place, they invented special pickle-bouncing stations so your food wouldn't have to touch the floor.

5. Mustache Kisses

It is totally inappropriate and illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public. This crazy Iowa law is very true. I don't know if anyone still follows it. If they do, the recent popularity of mustaches must have their jails full of fresh, fury-faced men. I really would love to know the back story of this law. Who came up with it? Was it developed by a group of mustache-hating females?

Well, how did you do? Have you broken any of these insane and confusing laws? Doesn't it make you want to go and check out more crazy laws to see which one you might be breaking without knowing?