It should come as no surprise to anyone when I say – this summer is going to be a scorching one. Here in East Texas, they’re predicting record setting temperatures that puts previous East Texas summers to shame. Keeping the air conditioners on all the time keeps things cool, but can definitely be draining on the wallet. So with a little research, we found some ways to help keep you cool this summer without your electric bill stealing money from your wallet.

Close Your Blinds-

leaving your blinds and curtains open allows the heat of the sun to come straight into your home. If you close the blinds during the day, they help block all of the heat from the sun coming in. Keeping all of your blinds, windows, and doors closed during the day helps keep a good amount of natural heat out.

Open Windows At Night-

By opening selective windows at night, you’re allowing cool, outdoor air to blow into your house. Also, by opening all interior doors (i.e.- closets, bathrooms, etc) you’re allowing fresh air in there, instead of keeping all that hot, nasty air in there which makes your house hotter.

Cool Your House Down With Fans-

Use the fans in your house to help circulate air so that it isn’t as hot and muggy in your home. You can use the ceiling fans in bedrooms and living room, and use box fans in the hallway and in the kitchen if necessary.

Turn Off All Heat Sources-

Avoid using the stove and oven during the hot summer months. Try to use the microwave to heat food if necessary or serve cold food. Make sure you turn off lights, lamps, TV’s, and computers when you aren’t using them. Just use things that generate heat as little as possible.