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Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am currently in a relationship with a gentleman who brings me flowers-just because-runs my bath water, gives me back rubs, and foot rubs. So what's the problem you ask. Well, the bedroom. He is a 30 second man-no exaggeration! This is extremely frustrating to me since I was in a six year relationship with a thug who cracked my back, had me calling Mary-Jesus-and Joseph and calling him Big Daddy as I experience La Petite Morte every time we were intimate. The problem with that relationship was that he treated me outside the bedroom. He would cheat, flirt in front of me and lie. So I decided I needed to be treated well at all times- not just in the bedroom-so I left my thug for this gentleman. I am not one to cheat but Lord a girl is frustrated. Some advice please before I losses my mind,