With Thanksgiving coming up, we all will start our turkey day preparations. The grocery lists will be written, the food prepared, the family in town, and all the other normal plans for the holiday. But, let's make it easier on ourselves this year. Let's call it like it is and just get ourselves ready to take one long nap. 

Come on. Let's be serious.

You know you are really grateful for the long and delicious mid-day sleep you get on Thanksgiving. Sure, the day is pretty cool. Most of us have the day off and all, but you know the thing that excites you most in that little bit of shut eye.

Don't lie and say that you love Thanksgiving so you can show your appreciation for all the good things in your life. You know it is, and has always been, about the nap.

Why is it all about the siesta?

1. Fully Belly

stuartpilbrow, Flickr

After that HUGE Thanksgiving feast, there is nothing better than a little lie down. Admit it, you love that shut eye between the meal and the endless rounds of pumpkin pie.

There are few things in this world more glorious than the feeling of falling asleep that full. You sleep deeper than a baby. Nothing could wake you.

2. Football

Ed Yourdon, Flickr

There is no lullaby that sings you sleep quite as well as the Thanksgiving day game. Sure, you may care who wins and how it alls plays out. But, it is really tough keeping your eyes open when that couch feels so comfy, the room is so warm, and (as we said earlier) your belly is so full.

There is nothing more like falling asleep in the middle of the first and waking up during the half-time show. For some reason, you feel more refreshed than ever before.

3. Your Family

massdistraction, Flickr

Yes, you love them. Sure, you are happy to see them. Great, they are all here. Fantastic, they are all arguing.

Your family can be the best and worst part of the holidays. And, Thanksgiving can be the most frustrating and awkward because it is the first time you have all seen each other in a year. Things are going to be uncomfortable.

How do you fix your uncomfortability?

Take a nap. No one will want to argue with you, ask why you aren't married yet, or tell you about their gall bladder surgery when you are sleeping. Escape the weird family times by sleeping a little.

Can you understand now why I claim Thanksgiving to really be national nap day? It is difficult to admit at first, you do want to seem like a good person, but we all must agree. There is one thing we are all equally grateful for this season.